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Anterior and posterior composites in everday practice

The universal applicability of resin-based composites in every day practice has revolutionized restorative dentistry. Composites are now the number one choice for restoring both anterior and posterior teeth.

Course overview

Despite their universal use, research shows that not all factors critically affecting restoration longevity are fully understood and adhered to in daily practice. Beautifully created restorations should last. This course answers general dentists' dilemmas in a Q&A fashion, starting from a list of questions often asked at dental events and on social media and providing evidence-based answers stemming from rigorous peer-reviewed basic and clinical studies. The practical side covers shade selection, anterior and posterior layering, and several techniques for anterior and posterior restoration that save time and improve performance.


  • Q&A adhesives, composites and light-curing
  • Shade selection techniques and custom-made shade guides
  • Adhesive application protocols revisited from evidence-based standpoint
  • Direct and indirect mock-up for Class IV
  • Anterior layering techniques
  • Posterior layering techniques (universal and bulk-fill composites)
  • Light-curing optimized for best efficiency
  • Finishing and polishing procedures

Learning objectives

  • Differentiate questionable clinical practices that compromise material characteristics 
  • Perform shade selection in a reproducible fashion for predictable clinical outcome
  • Understand differences in adhesive application protocols for enamel and dentin
  • Perform anterior and posterior direct restorations with various materials layering technique
  • Implement light-curing that will ensure maximum polymerization
Course Structure: Lectures and hands-on workshop
CPD hours: 7.5
Course fees:


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Vesna Miletic, DDS, MSc, PGCertMedEd, PhD