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Oral Surgery 

Local and General Anesthesia, Risk and Airways in practice

Course Overview

Lectures are designed to address issues encountered by the general dental practitioners and oral surgeons regarding efficacy and complications of local and general anesthetics.  The course will include a short review of surgical anatomy for local anesthetic applications, followed by a comprehensive coverage on the efficacy and adverse effect of local anesthetics with a focus on comparison of Lidocaine and Articaine. A specialist anesthetist will address the general anesthetic complications in dental patient care.   

There will be a forum of case presentations where participants are encouraged to send cases of oral surgery that they would like to discuss from a management viewpoint. 

Resume of current clinical research projects in the Specialist Oral Surgery training programme conducted by the University of Sydney. 


Presenters and topics

Title: MRONJ. a practical overview and what we are doing about it.

Dr. Chang has been responsible for the new formulation treatment protocols as used in NSW health for this unfortunate malady. This condition unfortunately is becoming prevalent in clinical dental practice; her insight into grading the risk assessment is ground-breaking.

Case presentations on MRONJ, odontogenic infections, pain management for oral surgery. Participation in discussions will be directed towards sharing personal opinions on methods of management.

Risk assessment of oral surgery cases. There will be group discussions to explore the methods of treatment and assessment of the risks and how to minimise risk in a surgery procedure for several cases. These group sessions and then discussion with the Director have been extremely popular and successful at our previous meetings. 

The anatomy that we forget pertaining to minor oral surgery; how we can improve our patient care by reviewing anatomy and just maybe changing our techniques.

Use anatomy to your advantage: obtain a deep and broad area of anesthesia and explain and deal with “failure”.  The presentation will aim to provide the attendee with an anatomical refresher and will cover variations in anatomy and rare complications. 

What you should know when booking a patient for general anaesthesia; the pitfalls of inadequate assessment by the dentist, airway problems intra-operative and post-operative and tips to make you a safer practitioner in the generl anaesthetic situation.

The airway is a dual responsibility. Overview of general anesthesia for head and neck cancer and a review of the dual responsibilities of dental surgeon and anesthetist in airway management. 

Review of Pharmacology of Local Anaesthetics debunking the myths that exist today and how this will improve your skills in anaesthesia in clinical practice.

Dr. Reid will look critically at the perceived benefits of different local anaesthetic agents and make comment about the dosages used for surgical procedures. 

Key information
Course date: 

Saturday 12 March 2022

Time: 9am-5pm (Registration from 8:30am)
Location: Susan Wakil Health Building,
University of Sydney, Camperdown Campus
Course structure:  Lectures
CPD hours:


Course fees:

$1000 (incl. GST) Standard for dentists, surgeons, specialists
$900 (incl. GST) University of Sydney alumni
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