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Orthodontics 1

Theoretical and practical orthodontic training
This course will give you a clear understanding of normal growth and development of the dento-facial complex and and you'll gain the skills to recognise developing malocclusion.

Course overview

For orthodontic treatment to be successful at any level, it is essential to have a clear understanding of normal growth and development of the dento-facial complex and to possess the skills to recognise developing malocclusion.

The course provides participants with this knowledge, which participants can build upon to improve their diagnostic skills. The scope of treatment and appliances that could be part of general practice is included. Practical sessions include cephalometric analysis, orthodontic bracket positioning and orthodontic appliance bonding in provided models.

Treatment with selected removable and fixed appliances will be discussed. With this knowledge, course participants if they so wish, may be able to participate in Orthodontics II which is more clinically based and of longer duration. As a stand-alone course, participants will develop skills to recognise abnormal occlusions in both the developing and permanent dentitions, with guidelines for treatment options.

Course outline

  • Normal growth and development of dento-facial complex
  • Development of a malocclusion
  • Diagnosis and treatment planning in orthodontics
  • Removable and fixed orthodontic and orthopaedic appliances

Learning objectives

  • Recognise different types of malocclusion and know how it develops
  • Develop systematic skills to correctly diagnose malocclusions
  • Hands-on experience on cephalometric analysis and orthodontic bracket positioning
Key information
Course date: 

Monday 21 March 2022 - Thursday 24 March 2022

9am-5pm (Registration from 8:30am). Includes all catering.


Course structure:  Lectures and practical sessions
CPD hours:


Course fees:
TBC Standard fee
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Clinical and Professional Development
Our orthodontics courses form the only hospital-based series in Australia run by university academic staff where participants are actively involved with patient treatment.
Professor M. Ali Darendeliler, Course facilitator