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Fundamentals of sleep medicine

Understand sleep disorders and their treatment
The University of Sydney has a rich history of excellence and achievement in the field of sleep medicine and has established itself as a leader in the delivery of professional development short courses.

Course overview

This 5 weeks online course, covers all aspects of sleep medicine and technology. Starting with foundation knowledge about normal respiratory and sleep physiology, it will also cover all sleep disorders and their treatment, including practical application of sleep disorders assessment and treatment. You will be taught about current practice in sleep science, as well as introduced to new and exciting advances for the future.

This course is an intensive introduction to the field of sleep medicine. It is essential for all those new to the field and recommended for those who would like to refresh their knowledge base.

It can be undertaken as a standalone course or as an introduction to the masters' degree and diploma courses in sleep medicine offered through the University of Sydney. 

Presenters: A team of more than 20 sleep professionals of varying backgrounds and specialised skills will present this course. Professor Colin Sullivan will also provide several lectures throughout the course.

Key information  
Course fees Fees TBC
Course structure This online course is made up of online lectures which are to be completed over a 5 week period.
Course dates The 5 week period will be over November/December 2021
Location Online
Registration If you wish to register your interest for this course and be placed on the waitlist, please complete the submission form here.

Application has been made for this course to be considered for Continuing Education Credits for those with the RPSGT qualification, by the Australian & New Zealand Sleep Science Association. Further details will be made available at the course commencement.