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Sydney Summer School in Pathogen Genomics and Global Health 2021

Genomics, functional genomics and metagenomics
Following the successful annual Sydney Summer School in Pathogen Genomics and Global Health programs in 2017 - 2020, we are pleased to release the 2021 program with a revised format.


The webinar series will illustrate the power of genomics, functional genomics and metagenomics in answering important questions on the assessment of evolution, virulence, transmissibility and drug resistance as well as on detection of local and international outbreaks and deciphering of transmission pathways. The special focus this year will be on applications of genomics and tracking the evolution and community spread of SARS-CoV-2.

The program includes a mix of inspiring keynotes, master classes and practical demonstrations delivered by expert practitioners in a webinar series. We will teach the basics of genomics of bacteria, viruses, and fungi with epidemic potential and critically examine the approaches to the analysis of genomes in global health context.

This program is targeted to microbiologists, clinicians, epidemiologists and public health professionals that are interested in translational research in the field of public health pathogen genomics and communicable disease control, however the number of participants is limited. Organisers will select participants based on their provided information about motivation, prior knowledge and interests.

Topics to be covered

  • What can the analysis of microbial genomes tell translational researchers clinicians? How to select sequencing and bioinformatics solutions for specific research questions? Genome-wide association studies and patient outcomes
  • Integration of genomic, clinical and epidemiological data: global and local perspectives and solutions
  • Integrated data models, data analytics for knowledge discovery and data visualisation (we will employ phylogenetics and phylodynamics as case studies)
  • Generation and analysis of SARS-CoV-2 genomic data in the context of current pandemic
  • Implementation of next generation sequencing technologies in diagnostic and public health laboratories
  • Effective and ethical data sharing and translation of genomics into precision medicine and public health
  • Modelling and evaluation of genomics-guided interventions in hospital and community settings; genomics knowledge network
Key information  

$400 International and Australian participants

$250 University of Sydney students and academics and participants from low and middle income countries


4 lectures style sessions over 4 consecutive weeks

Detailed webinar series program to be released soon

Dates Friday 26th February
Friday 5th March
Friday 12th March
Friday 19th March

Time: 1pm - 5pm Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT)
Location Online via Zoom
Registration To register, please follow the link here

The Summer School is organized by the Centre for Infectious Diseases and Microbiology – Public Health (CIDM-PH) WSLHD, and Marie Bashir Institute (MBI) with the support of the Sydney Informatics Hub, University of Sydney.

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