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Summer Research Scholarships

Medicine and Health and Health Sciences scholarships
Search summer research projects by location. Applications for 2019 are now closed.


CCS1 (pdf, 28KB) Developing single-stranded DNA sequencing technologies using unique molecular barcoding. Primary Supervisor: Dr Zac Chatterton

CCS2 (pdf, 45KB) Design and Calibration of X-Ray CT Imaging. Primary Supervisor: Dr Owen Dillon

CCS3 (pdf, 48KB) Understanding cannabis use and the potential for medical cannabis programs in patients with opioid dependence. Primary Supervisor: Prof Nick Lintzeris

CCS4 (pdf, 28KB) Brain morphology abnormalities in babies who die from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Primary Supervisor: Dr Rita Machaalani

CCS5 (pdf, 47KB) Patient Connected Imaging: Adapting a robotic C-arm Cone Beam CT system for clearer, safer and faster medical imaging. Primary Supervisor: Dr Tess Reynolds

CCS6 (pdf, 46KB) Cognitive dysfunction in neuro-otology patients. Primary Supervisor: Dr Sally Rosengren

CCS7 (pdf, 44KB) Does blood donation frequency influence the release of biological response modifiers from donated red cells during storage? Primary Supervisor: Dr Joanne Tan

CCS8 (pdf, 49KB) Machine-learning-based MRI for the precise treatment of cancers with radiotherapy. Primary Supervisor: Dr David Waddington

CCS9 (pdf, 29KB) Could liquid biopsy reliably support clinical decision-making in advanced cancer? Primary Supervisor: A/Prof Bing Yu

CCS10 (pdf, 30KB) Analysis of the frontotemporal dementia - motor neuron disease gene TBK1. Primary Supervisor: Dr Carol Dobson-Stone

CCS11 (pdf, 29KB) Neuronal inflammasome activation in Parkinson’s disease. Primary Supervisor: Dr Nicolas Dzamko

CCS12 (pdf, 29KB) How can we improve chemotherapies to cure cancer? Primary Supervisor: A/Prof Carl Feng

CCS13 (pdf, 30KB) Novel materials and surface coatings to prevent thrombosis and biofouling of medical devices. Primary Supervisor: Dr Anna Waterhouse

CENT1 (pdf, 47KB) Receptor identification of AAV capsids used in gene therapy. Primary Supervisor: Dr Charles Bailey

CENT2 (pdf, 45KB) Understanding the role of CTCF genetic deletion in aggressive endometrial cancer. Primary Supervisor: Dr Charles Bailey

CENT3 (pdf, 28KB) The Undiagnosed Genetic Heart Disease Program. Primary Supervisor: A/Prof Jodie Ingles

CENT4 (pdf, 42KB) Platelet control of mycobacterial infection. Primary Supervisor: Dr Stefan Oehlers

CENT5 (pdf, 28KB) Development of an Intron Retention database. Primary Supervisor: Dr Ulf Schmitz

CENT6 (pdf, 29KB) Exploring RNA modification to identify new genes that cause cancer. Primary Supervisor: Dr Justin Wong

CON1 (pdf, 30KB) Improving Quality of Life of Cancer Survivors through multidisciplinary team approach – Sydney Survivorship Clinic. Primary Supervisor: Prof Janette Vardy

DENT1 (pdf, 45KB) IDEAS Project – Improving oral health in stroke. Primary Supervisor: A/Prof Shilpi Ajwani

FHS2 (pdf, 46KB) Improving food security in two remote NSW Aboriginal communities: Co-Designing the strategies in response to community identified strengths and needs. Primary Supervisor: Dr Josephine Gwynn

FHS8 (pdf, 46KB) Strategies to improve clinician involvement in research: a scoping review.  Primary Supervisor: Dr Marina Pinheiro

FHS10 (pdf, 45KB) A novel approach for professional development: Harnessing electronic health data to personalise online training for early career doctors. Primary Supervisor: Dr Anna Janssen

FHS11 (pdf, 50KB) Are healthy weight young adults still negatively affected by weight bias? Primary Supervisor: A/Prof Helen O'Connor

NCS2 (pdf, 30KB) Improving clinical genomic diagnosis using Machine Learning, multi-omics and other algorithmic optimisation techniques. Primary Supervisor: Prof Leslie Burnett

NCS8 (pdf, 29KB) The Cancer Clock is Ticking: Circadian Rhythms and Tumour Hypoxia.  Primary Supervisor: Dr Kristina Cook

NCS9 (pdf, 51KB) The magic of SAGIC: understanding sleep and circadian rhythms and their impact on health. Primary Supervisor: Dr Kate Sutherland

SMS1 (pdf, 80KB) Addressing criminal offending: What factors influence different people’s participation in and completion of prison behaviour change programs? Primary Supervisor: Dr Emma Barrett

SMS2 (pdf, 101KB) WELCOM Trial - WEight Loss and Change in Osteoarthritis bio-Markers and long-term clinical outcomes in postmenopausal women with obesity. Primary Supervisor: Dr Xingzhong Jin

SMS3 (pdf, 31KB) The Health4Life Initiative: Evaluation of a web-based healthy lifestyles intervention for Australian secondary school students. Primary Supervisor: Dr Katrina Champion

SMS4 (pdf, 27KB) "Cracks in the Ice”: developing and evaluating evidence-based resources about crystal methamphetamine for the Australian community. Primary Supervisor: Dr Steph Kershaw

SMS5 (pdf, 131KB) Unravelling the link between trauma exposure and socially deviant behaviours among young people. Primary Supervisor: Dr Katrina Prior

SMS6 (pdf, 47KB) Strong & Deadly Futures: a pilot study of a computerised school-based drug prevention program for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander high school students. Primary Supervisor: Dr Lexine Stapinski

SMS7 (pdf, 47KB) Suicide and help seeking behaviours in Australia: a comparison study of urban and non-urban populations. Primary Supervisor: Dr Matthew Sunderland

SMS8 (pdf, 29KB) Exploring the landscape of clinical trials in biomedical reseach. Primary Supervisor: Prof Lisa Askie

SMS9 (pdf, 49KB) Benefits and harms of annual CT or PET/CT surveillance strategies in asymptomatic Stage III melanoma patients. Primary Supervisor: Dr Mbathio Dieng

SMS10 (pdf, 58KB) Relationship between socioeconomic status and diabetic retinopathy in Australia. Primary Supervisor: Prof Alicia Jenkins

SMS11 (pdf, 46KB) MicroRNA Profiles of Metformin Exposure during Pregnancy. Primary Supervisor: Dr Mugdha Joglekar

SMS12 (pdf, 55KB) Towards a novel genome-wide association study for cardiovascular disease risk. Primary Supervisor: A/Prof David Sullivan

SMS13 (pdf, 71KB) Analysing miRNA-mRNA interactions in human insulin-producing cells for Diabetes. Primary Supervisor: Dr Wilson Wong

SMS14 (pdf, 75KB) Understanding how dysfunction of energy metabolism in the retinal pigment epithelium contributes to photoreceptor degeneration. Primary Supervisor: Dr Weiyong Shen

SNS1 (pdf, 29KB) Embedding cultural safety in health professional responses to Aboriginal families at risk of becoming involved with child protection services. Primary Supervisor: A/Prof Jennifer Fraser

SNS2 (pdf, 31KB) Using audit to explore the impact of a local policy change on the diagnosis of lower leg ulcer aetiology and access to optimal treatment for people on the community nursing caseload in Sydney Local Health District. Primary Supervisor: Dr Sue Randall

SOMS1 (pdf, 29KB) What intensity of eccentric exercise is effective at producing pain and decreasing muscle force? Primary Supervisor: Dr Joanna Diong

SOMS2 (pdf, 31KB) Validating a digital automated cognition test for pre-clinical dementia decline monitoring and diagnosis. Primary Supervisor: Prof Micheal Valenzuela

SOMS3 (pdf, 35KB) Preclinical Development of Cannibis-derived Medicines for Drug-Resistant Epilepsy. Primary Supervisor: A/Prof Jonathon Arnold

SOMS4 (pdf, 30KB) Predictive immune signature analysis for clinical application. Primary Supervisor: Dr Helen McGuire

SOMS5 (pdf, 27KB) Stem Cell treatments for type 1 diabetes. Primary Supervisor: Prof Peter Thorn

SOMS6 (pdf, 28KB) Understanding how pancreatic beta cells control insulin secretion. Primary Supervisor: Prof Peter Thorn

SOMS7 (pdf, 31KB) Inhibiting Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Primary Supervisor: Prof Paul Witting

SPH1 (pdf, 45KB) Efficacy, safety and dose dependent effects of opioids for osteoarthritis pain: Systematic review and meta-analysis. Primary Supervisor: Dr Christina Abdel Shaheed

SPH2 (pdf, 31KB) Analysis of Australians’ sun exposure and sun protection behaviours in the Melanoma Genomics Managing Your Risk Study. Primary Supervisor: A/Prof Anne Cust

SPH3 (pdf, 46KB) The health and wellbeing of lesbian, bisexual and queer (LBQ) First Nations women: what do we know? Primary Supervisor: Dr Michelle Dickson

SPH4 (pdf, 30KB) Attitudes and experiences of younger women (<25) no longer invited for cervical screening under the National Cervical Screening Program in Australia. Primary Supervisor: Dr Rachael Dodd

SPH5 (pdf, 45KB) Physical activity patterns in people undertaking inpatient and post-hospital rehabilitation as part of the AMOUNT rehabilitation trial. Primary Supervisor: Dr Leanne Hassett

SPH8 (pdf, 30KB) Can we accurately measure patient preferences for health care? Primary Supervisor: Dr Alison Pearce

SPH9 (pdf, 30KB) Quality of antenatal care services in the public and private sector in Afghanistan. Primary Supervisor: A/Prof Camille Raynes-Greenow

SPH10 (pdf, 46KB) What is the effect of exercise on muscle mass in people aged 60 years and older?- a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials. Primary Supervisor: A/Prof Anne Tiedemann

SPH14 (pdf, 60KB) A novel approach for biomechanical gait analysis, among people with Huntington Disease (HD). Primary Supervisor: Prof Clement Loy

SPH15 (pdf, 27KB) What is the relationship between research and teaching in Universities? A systematic review and meta-analysis. Primary Supervisor: Prof Clement Loy

SPS1 (pdf, 47KB) Benchmarking a new patient-reported experience measure (PREM): consumer’s perceptions of service quality of Australian community pharmacies. Primary Supervisor: Dr Stephen Carter

SPS2 (pdf, 58KB) Medicine Shortages in Australian Hospitals: Where are we today? Primary Supervisor: A/Prof Betty Chaar

SPS3 (pdf, 30KB) Pharmacists’ attitudes of an expanded de-prescribing role in collaboration with medical practitioners. Primary Supervisor: Prof Timothy Chen

SPS4 (pdf, 60KB) Review of National Responsible Use of Medicines Policies: a focus on the roles and potential roles of pharmacists. Primary Supervisor: Prof Timothy  Chen

SPS5 (pdf, 61KB) Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I): Where on Earth is the Evidence Coming From? Primary Supervisor: Dr Janet Cheung

SPS6 (pdf, 61KB) Peptide PEGylation for the optimal prostate cancer treatment outcome. Primary Supervisor: Dr Hien Duong

SPS7 (pdf, 79KB) Is Mental Health First Aid en route to becoming a pre-requisite for health practitioners? Primary Supervisor: Dr Sarira El-Den

SPS8 (pdf, 57KB) The quality of medication management guidance provided to caregivers at hospital discharge. Primary Supervisor: Dr Danijela Gnjidic

SPS9 (pdf, 93KB) Complementary Medicines - Calls to an Australian Poisons Centre. Primary Supervisor: Dr Joanna Harnett

SPS10 (pdf, 73KB) Pharmacist-led collaborative screening and referral for the early intervention of depression among older Australians in the community: training package development. Primary Supervisor: Dr Claire O'Reilly

SPS11 (pdf, 42KB) Evaluation of opioid use by surgical patients after discharge from hospital. Primary Supervisor: Dr Jonathan Penm

SPS12 (pdf, 41KB) Does competency-based teaching produce a competent pharmacist? Primary Supervisor: Dr Rebecca Roubin

SPS13 (pdf, 42KB) Drug poisoning in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Primary Supervisor: Dr Edwin Tan

SPS14 (pdf, 29KB) Screening drug candidates for Uveal Melanoma. Primary Supervisor: Dr Fanfan Zhou

SPS15 (pdf, 42KB) Identifying modulators for human glycine receptors as potential treatments for pain. Primary Supervisor: Prof Mary Collins

SPS16 (pdf, 30KB) Medicines subject to regulatory safety warnings in Australia, Canada the UK and US: a content analysis. Primary Supervisor: A/Prof Barbara Mintzes

WOOL1 (pdf, 39KB) Effect of positive pressure on primary nasal epithelial cells. Primary Supervisor: Dr Maliheh Ghadiri

WOOL2 (pdf, 42KB) Phenotyping exacerbations using home telemonitoring data from children with asthma. Primary Supervisor: A/Prof Cindy Thamrin

CHW1 (pdf, 47KB) Scoping review of published evidence on how young people use online information for sexual development and health education. Primary Supervisor: Prof Rachel Skinner

CHW2 (pdf, 31KB) A clinical trial of an app to improve transition to adult care in adolescents with chronic illness. Primary Supervisor: Prof Katharine Steinbeck

CHW3 (pdf, 28KB) Finding the answers to kidney disease: Nephrotic Syndrome. Primary Supervisor: Prof Stephen Alexander

CHW4 (pdf, 28KB) Identifying the causes of Structural Kidney Disease. Primary Supervisor: Prof Stephen Alexander

CHW6 (pdf, 27KB) Using AAV to modify the immune system. Primary Supervisor: Prof Stephen Alexander

CHW7 (pdf, 44KB) Designing paediatric orthopaedic implants. Primary Supervisor: Dr Tegan Cheng

CHW8 (pdf, 31KB) Predisposing medical conditions for pneumococcal infections among Australians. Primary Supervisor: Dr Clayton Chiu

CHW9 (pdf, 29KB) The Clinical Features of Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease in Children. Primary Supervisor: Dr Anne Durkan

CHW10 (pdf, 31KB) Antibiotic allergies resulting in sub-optimal care provided in hospital to children with infections. Primary Supervisor: Dr Ameneh Khatami

CHW11 (pdf, 47KB) Examining implementation science in adolescent health - a systematic review of the literature. Primary Supervisor: Dr Sharon Medlow

CHW12 (pdf, 42KB) Respiratory syncytial virus infection in children: Does genotype influence severity of disease? Primary Supervisor: A/Prof Nicholas Wood

CHW13 (pdf, 30KB) Curating the World’s Knowledge of Skeletal Dysplasias. Primary Supervisor: Prof Andreas Zankl

CMRI1 (pdf, 30KB) Telomere deprotection and cancer. Primary Supervisor: Dr Anthony Cesare

CMRI2 (pdf, 30KB) The DNA Replication Stress Response. Primary Supervisor: Dr Tony Cesare

CMRI3 (pdf, 28KB) Understanding the role of Mixl1 in determining cell fates in human pluripotent cells. Primary Supervisor: Dr Pierre Osteil

CMRI4 (pdf, 48KB) Multi-omic analysis of large-scale cancer cell line data. Primary Supervisor: Dr Rebecca Poulos

CMRI5 (pdf, 29KB) Role of RNA binding proteins in cancer cell immortality. Primary Supervisor: Dr Alexander Sobinoff

DENT2 (pdf, 29KB) Explore the Role of Gingipain Adhesin Domains in Mediating Porphyromonas gingivalis Host Cell Invasion. Primary Supervisor: Dr Jinlong Gao

SNS3 (pdf, 31KB) Air travel and antimicrobial resistance: The role of airlines in the prevention and control of international circulation of communicable diseases and resistant-organisms. Primary Supervisor: Prof Ramon Shaban

SPH6 (pdf, 25KB) Blood pressure targets – how low do patients want to go? A systematic review of patient preferences for increasing treatment burden to achieve small changes in long term risks. Primary Supervisor: Dr Martin Howell

SPH7 (pdf, 75KB) Enhancing the quality of end of life care: Improving clinician/patient and family communication. Primary Supervisor: Prof Don Nutbeam

SPH11 (pdf, 29KB) Patients’ perspectives of pain in dialysis: systematic review and thematic synthesis of qualitative studies. Primary Supervisor: Prof Allison Tong

SPH12 (pdf, 45KB) Symptom burden in patients on dialysis: systematic review. Primary Supervisor: Prof Allison Tong

SPH13 (pdf, 58KB) The prognostic value of glycemic markers in diabetes and chronic kidney disease: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Primary Supervisor: Dr David Tunnicliffe

WCS1 (pdf, 28KB) Tracking the parasitic worm, Angiostrongylus cantonensis, migration in the intermediate snail host. Primary Supervisor: Dr Rogan Lee

WCS2 (pdf, 53KB) Mapping obesity prevention and management services and initiatives for adolescents in Australia. Primary Supervisor: Dr Stephanie Partridge

WCS3 (pdf, 29KB) Prioritisation of Quality Indicators for use in the multidisciplinary management of colorectal cancer. Primary Supervisor: Dr Purnima Sundaresan

WCS4 (pdf, 77KB) Developing new mass spectrometry-based assay for hereditary transthyretin amyloidosis. Primary Supervisor: Dr Mark Taylor

WCS5 (pdf, 42KB) The application of pathogen genomics in local and regional outbreaks. Primary Supervisor: Dr Verlaine Timms

WCS6 (pdf, 29KB) What are mosquitoes biting and how does it help understand the risks of mosquito-borne disease? Primary Supervisor: Dr Cameron Webb

WIMR1 (pdf, 109KB) Cognitive behavioural tHerapy for AMD PatientS (CHAMPS). Primary Supervisor: A/Prof Bamini Gopinath

WIMR2 (pdf, 38KB) Diet and human islet transplants. Primary Supervisor: Prof Jenny Gunton

WIMR3 (pdf, 29KB) Extracting meaningful information about disease from state-of-the-art single-cell assays. Primary Supervisor: Dr Ellis Patrick

WIMR4 (pdf, 36KB) What triggers kidney cyst formation in autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease? Primary Supervisor: A/Prof Gopi Rangan

WIMR5 (pdf, 43KB) The role of thrombospondin-1 and CD47 in diabetes and islet transplantation. Primary Supervisor: A/Prof Natasha Rogers

WIMR6 (pdf, 44KB) Identifying CKD-specific therapeutic pathways for reducing CKD-related cardiovascular events in vitro. Primary Supervisor: A/Prof Natasha Rogers

WIMR7 (pdf, 39KB) Role of a wet lab: determining the learning curve for corneal lamellar dissection. Primary Supervisor: A/Prof Chameen Samarawickrama

NCS1 (pdf, 23KB) Spinal cord changes during chronic pain. Primary Supervisor: Dr Karin Aubrey

NCS3 (pdf, 28KB) FXYD1 Phosphorylation VS Glutathionylation. Primary Supervisor: Prof Gemma Figtree

NCS4 (pdf, 29KB) Forming Clinical Diagnostic Criteria for Lichen Planus. Primary Supervisor: A/Prof Gayle Fischer

NCS5 (pdf, 46KB) A new therapy for weight loss before pregnancy: Can preconception GLP-1 therapy reduce the adverse foetal programming effects of maternal obesity and gestational diabetes in mice? Primary Supervisor: Dr Sarah Glastras

NCS6 (pdf, 28KB) Immune cell biomarkers for bowel cancer. Primary Supervisor: Prof Mark Molloy

NCS7 (pdf, 29KB) Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Advanced Electrocardiography for detecting subclinical heart disease. Primary Supervisor: Prof Martin Ugander                                                                                                                           

NEP1 (pdf, 27KB) 3D reconstruction of cerebral arteriovenous malformation for intraoperative neuronavigation. Primary Supervisor: A/Prof Behzad Eftekhar                                                 

NEP 2 (pdf, 27KB) Are males who ride bicycles at risk of developing testicular cancer? Primary Supervisor: Prof Guy Eslick                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

FHS1 (pdf, 47KB) Prognosis of patients with vertebral compression fracture: A systematic review with meta-analysis. Primary Supervisor: Dr Anita Barros Carlos de Amorim

FHS3 (pdf, 31KB) Mental health service users' perceptions of lived experience research resources: A qualitative evaluation. Primary Supervisor: Dr Anne Honey

FHS4 (pdf, 48KB) Acoustic analysis of nasality in patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Primary Supervisor: A/Prof Cate Madill 

FHS5 (pdf, 29KB) Reliability and fidelity of clinical data collection. Primary Supervisor: Prof Tricia McCabe 

FHS6 (pdf, 31KB) Investigating oral narrative developmental outcomes for children who participated in the Launch to School Treatment Trial. Primary Supervisor: A/Prof Natalie Munro

FHS7 (pdf, 29KB) Heading type and frequency during National Premier League youth football matches in Australia. Primary Supervisor: Dr Kerry Peek

FHS9 (pdf, 33KB) Gait retraining for people with knee osteoarthritis: a randomised controlled trial. Primary Supervisor: Dr Milena Simic

SRH1 (pdf, 29KB) How can we estimate the burden of occupational injury and disease in a rural town? Primary Supervisor: A/Prof Anthony Brown

SRH2 (pdf, 50KB) Patients' Perceptions of Healthcare-Acquired Infections in Rural Australia. Primary Supervisor: A/Prof Catherine Hawke

SRH3 (pdf, 43KB) Mapping Access to Primary Care (MAP) Study protocol and ethics application development. Primary Supervisor: Dr Emma Webster