Consumer Involvement in Research

Consumer panel

People with dementia and their carers, or previous carers of a person with dementia, acting as consumer advocates (Consumers), are integral to CDPC and the way we do our research.

Consumers have been involved in constructing research questions, in ensuring all activities are appropriately targeted, and have been involved in project steering committees. They have advised project teams on the most effective communication tools for consumers as key stakeholders and provided feedback in preparing final reports and disseminating results.

Australia’s peak dementia advocacy organisation, Dementia Australia, is an inaugural funding partner of the CDPC and its Consumer Dementia Research Network was engaged as the main consumer representative from the beginning of the CDPC. During the initial stages of the CDPC all research projects proposed for integration into the CDPC program of work were reviewed by the Consumer Network prior to taking them to a planning workshop with researchers and funding partners.

The Partnership Centre Consumer Investigator at Dementia Australia, Ms Joan Jackman co-ordinates the overall contribution of our consumer network and is also a member of the CDPC’s Executive Committee. Joan is supported by a subgroup of consumers, many of which are attached to each of the activities of the CDPC to help in the design of activities and the implementation of consumer-relevant outcomes.