Project news on dementia care in the home

COPE team

Sally Day, Lindy Clemson, Kate Laver, Jennifer Culph and Monica Cations

The project team for the Care of People with Dementia in their Environments (COPE) project in Australia recently released their third newsletter to update the community and partners about the project’s activity.

The CDPC COPE project began in 2016 and involves project partner organisations delivering the COPE program to people with dementia living in the community and their carers to support them to maintain functional independence and problem solve.

Part of the research project is training occupational therapists and nurses in the COPE program.

The October newsletter states that round two of training was delivered and eight of the nine round one trained partners are delivering the program.
The program, first developed by Professor Laura Gitlin and colleagues in the US, provides up to ten consultations with an occupational therapist and up to two consultations with a nurse. Occupational therapists and nurses work with people with dementia and their carers to identify primary challenges and implement strategies to address them.

Carers who received this program in the US reported a great deal of improvement in their lives and felt they were better able to manage caring for someone with dementia.

A comment from a carer in the October issue said, “I knew I had a lot of challenges ahead of me…simple things like brushing teeth or washing hands or boredom. Brainstorming and helping me come up with strategies has been extremely beneficial to me and my husband. Participation in the program has empowered me to take better care of my husband and myself.”