Reablement in Dementia Handbook Development Workshop

Reablement workshop

A recent workshop held at HammondCare in Kent St Sydney brought together academics, policy makers, industry representatives, consumers and allied health professionals to develop the "CDPC Practice Handbook for Reablement Interventions for People with Dementia".

The CDPC project “Development of Dementia Reablement Guidelines and Programs” is producing resources to enhance the uptake of evidence-informed interventions in the aged care sector.

The release of the Clinical Practice Guidelines and Principles of Care for People with Dementia provided recommendations for intervention programs that could delay onset of functional decline and improve quality of life for people living with dementia. This project is aiming to operationalise these guidelines.

The two-day interactive workshop examined the structure of the two handbooks, one directed at the aged care sector and the other a guide for consumers. Information from a recent survey on the current knowledge and understanding and practice of reablement in aged care was discussed, and a critical analysis of operational processes in implementing intervention programs, and marketing and dissemination strategies to enhance uptake by both the sector and consumers were investigated.

“Integrating clinical evidence-based recommendations, together with consumer experiences and expectations, requires respect for the research behind the recommendations,” said CDPC Consumer Investigator Joan Jackman.

“Acceptance of the huge variability the impact of dementia has on the person with dementia and also the people who support them and share their lives is so important. The creative approach adopted throughout the workshop was encouraging, reassuring and very much appreciated.”

Professor Chris Poulos, HammondCare’s Head of Research and Aged Care Clinical Services and Project Lead believes the development of these handbooks could have a real impact on improving or at least maintaining the quality of life of a person with dementia post diagnosis.

“If we want to deliver the best possible care for people with dementia it is important that we provide programs and services that are based on the best available evidence.

‘These handbooks will provide a valuable resource for both the aged care sector and consumers on effective reablement services,” he said.