How to better care for residents and engage staff members


The first comprehensive guide for implementing an interprofessional education (IPE) program for students and staff in aged care organisations has been developed by CDPC funding partners Brightwater Care Group and Helping Hand Aged Care.

The free online Interprofessional Education in Aged Care Toolkit (IPEAC), funded through the CDPC, provides aged care managers and administrators accessible resources to facilitate interprofessional student placements and support IPE programs within their organisation.

Interprofessional education is a site based program where aged care professionals learn from and about each other in order to improve collaboration and quality of resident care.

IPE has been shown to provide numerous benefits in these settings, including:

  • Increased support and social contact for residents through increased one-on-one and group activities and therapy
  • Increased knowledge and capacity of facility staff through additional training opportunities and knowledge sharing by students of recent professional developments
  • Increased positive perceptions of working in aged care from students, with students reporting they were more likely to consider a career in aged care following an IPE placement

The IPEAC Toolkit (‘Interprofessional Education in Aged Care Toolkit’) was developed following a CDPC project evaluating the benefits of IPE programs run within Brightwater Care Group and Helping Hand Aged Care over several years. Results from the evaluation can be found in the IPE Evaluation Report.

The implementation and dissemination phase of the project is now underway with the toolkit at five aged care organisations across Australia. Initial results from the project were recently presented at the Alzheimer’s Disease International Conference in Kyoto.

The toolkit consists of four modules and can be used in parts or as a whole.

  • IPE in aged care
  • Getting Started
  • Running an IPE student placement
  • Moving forward with IPE

Free training is also available Australia-wide to support facilities in implementing an IPE program.

The IPEAC Toolkit is available now at IPEAC toolkit. For more information contact IPEAC Project Coordinator Jane Harrup-Gregory on (08) 9202 2800 or

A copy of the poster “Interprofessional Education in Aged Care - IPEAC Toolkit” can be found here.