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The CDPC has been getting the message out this quarter and we are busier than ever. Individual members, including our consumers, have been talking about research findings across a variety of platforms including forums, conferences, workshops and meetings, some of which are highlighted in this newsletter.

As many CDPC projects now have significant results from their program of research, the CDPC has found showcasing these findings in symposium style presentations beneficial. These symposia not only highlight individual projects but the CDPC as a whole and how we are progressing in our aim to improve the care of people with dementia through communication, collaboration and knowledge translation.

At HammondCare’s recent International Dementia Conference, Grand Designs ‘Are we there yet’, Meredith Gresham, a CDPC Designated System Based Investigator (DSBI) from HammondCare, chaired a session introducing some of our projects that have completed or are near completion. Adele Kelley spoke about the recent release of their report “Future planning and advance care planning: Why it needs to be different for people with dementia and other forms of cognitive decline” and the seven key findings. Rachel Milte explained that her research examining what quality of care means to a person living with dementia revealed the two key themes of personhood and connectedness with family.

Sue Field, an expert in elder law and financial abuse, spoke about the lack of consistency across financial institutions with regards to powers and Attorney and the need for education at the grass roots level and a national register. Also of great interest was Kate Laver’s presentation on the development and recommendations of the recently released Clinical Practice Guidelines and Principles of Care for people with Dementia. You can find copies of the guidelines and final reports at our website on the Resources page.

Jennifer Thompson (Operations Manager) attended and presented at the June International Federation of Ageing Global Conference 2016 (#IFAGlobal2016) in Brisbane. Jennifer presented an overview of the CDPC along with information about the Clinical Practice Guidelines (Activity 13) and CHOPs (Activity 2). During the same CDPC session, Sue Field presented on findings from Financial Institutions Policy / Practices (Activity 6); Di Goeman presented findings from the Key Worker (Activity 3) research; and Ashley Carr presented on some findings to date on Effects of Regulation of Aged Care Services (Activity 7). The presentation was well attended and received by conference attendees, and our CDPC attendees have indicated a number of potential strategic connections were formed that could assist in further disseminating results from these completed Activities.

Jennifer Thompson, Operations Manager CDPC
Sally Grosvenor, Communications Officer CDPC