NNIDR Dementia Forum

poster team

Since the Government’s announcement of the NHMRC National Institute for Dementia Research (NNIDR) the NHMRC Cognitive Decline Partnership Centre has been working towards building strong linkages to support national dementia research priorities.

The inaugural NNIDR Australian Dementia Forum held in Brisbane 1-3 May 2016 was an opportunity for the CDPC to showcase a number of our research projects, network with leading researchers in the field of dementia and develop important collaborations in the support of improving care for people living with dementia.

Prof Susan Kurrle was invited to present on the CDPC and outlined our unique partnership structure and diversity of our research program. The CHOPs program was described as evidence of how the CDPC is implementing its research into practice’ and she also announced the new clinical practice guidelines for dementia and their application. There was much interest in the Guidelines, which were made available to attendees through our CDPC collateral stand.

CDPC projects had a significant presence during the poster sessions including Prof Dimity Pond “Communicating the diagnosis of dementia: Revising the guidelines for dementia care”; Dr Morag Taylor “Understanding and preventing physical and cognitive decline and falls in older people with dementia”; Dr Emily Reeve “Development and implementation of evidence –based deprescribing guidelines for people with dementia”; and Ms Pippy Barnett “Vitamin D to reduce falls: evidence translation in Australian residential care facilities.”

The CDPC Administration team presented their first poster titled “Improving dementia care by creating research connections that encourage increased collaboration and translation of research into real outcomes for people with dementia” and this provided an opportunity for the team to speak with attendees about the CDPC and our success in creating a truly collaborative and productive research environment.

A highlight of the symposium was to see two of our NHMRC-ARC Dementia Research Development Fellows, Dr Morag Taylor and Dr Emily Reeve present their research projects during rapid fire presentations. During this session the Fellows were required to give a three minute summary of their project. We would also like congratulate Dr Emily Reeve who received an award for her presentation.

Featured keynote speeches by Professor John Hardy, UCL Institute of Neurology in London; Professor Pierluigi Nicotera, DZNE in Germany; and Australia’s Professor Glenda Halliday, NeuRA; provided a true, although sometimes daunting picture of current state of play in dementia research and provided excellent background to later discussions on future directions in dementia research efforts.

At the conclusion of the forum, Professor Peter Schofield, Interim Director of the NNIDR, opened the floor to discuss priority areas in dementia research. We were pleased to hear numerous voices speaking about the importance of research into improving care for people with dementia and their families and we look forward to decisions regarding funding allocations in reaching this important government objective

Sally Grosvenor, Communications Officer CDPC