Measuring Quality of Care

The Consumer Choice Index- six dimension instrument (CCI-6D)


Previous measures of the quality of aged care facilities have largely focussed on the perspectives of staff or independent assessors, with little focus on the perspective of consumers themselves.

The CCI-6D was developed to measure performance in indicators of quality of care identified as important by people living with dementia, residents of aged care services, and family member carers.

This easy to use tool, in conjunction with the standard, more objective quality of care measures aims to:

  • enable residents themselves, their family members and informal carers to provide input into assessment of the quality of care
  • enable assessment of quality of care in a manner that reflects the quality of life of the residents

This tool will provide a valuable resource for research into the quality of residential aged care and if incorporated into routine monitoring or evaluation of aged care facilities nationally it may enable earlier detection of failures of care.


The CCI-6D tool plus instructions for use

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