In 1966 Sir John Loewenthal became the twelfth Dean of the Faculty of Medicine

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John (later Sir John) Loewenthal was Bosch Professor of Surgery from 1956 to 1979 and is given credit for building the Department of Surgery to international standards of excellence. Loewenthal enrolled in Medicine at the University of Sydney and graduated with the Clayton and F Norton Manning prize for clinical medicine and psychiatry in 1938. During his internship as Resident Medical Officer of the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, John served as House Surgeon to Hugh Poate and House Physician for Charles McDonald. He served in the Australian Army Medical Corps and served in the Middle East and Papua before returning to Australia for further service in Heidelberg and Concord. Loewenthal then went to London on a Nuffield Fellowship, taking a role as Chief Assistant at Bartholomew's Hospital. In 1947, he began his teaching career as Lecturer in Surgery at the Victoria University in Manchester, and as Deputy-Director of the surgical professorial unit at the Manchester Royal Infirmary. In 1948, he returned to the University of Sydney to take up a position of Tutor within the Faculty. At the same time, he began private practice. A year later, he also took on the role of Honorary Assistant Surgeon at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. Sir John Loewenthal was Dean of the Faculty of Medicine for five years from 1966.