Macintosh, Ann Margaret

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Ann Scot Skirving was the granddaughter of Dr Robert Scot Skirving. She became a secretary in the Sydney Medical School and was later to marry anatomy Professor Neil William George Macintosh. During her time with 'Black Mac' she assisted him to run the anatomy department and keenly supported him in his research on the origins of the dingo. She was often seen around campus in the early mornings giving the dingoes their daily exercise.

She remained loyal to the medical school her whole life and became one of our most gracious benefactors, her donations supporting the refurbishment of the J T Wilson Museum of Anatomy, the Shellshear Museum and towards restoration of the Anderson Stuart Building.

Dr Vanessa Witton,Sydney Medical School, has written about Ann Macintosh's life and legacy for the University of Sydney's SAM Magazine.

Click here to read her story [1]

Citation: Witton, Vanessa "The Nurse Who Loved Dingoes" in SAM Magazine, March 2013, University of Sydney.