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The Sydney Medical School and the Medical Alumni Association, held a two day symposium on Sydney's early medical history on September 11 and 12, 2009.

Many of the presentations were taped and you can either watch a video or listen to an audio of them by clicking on the following link  History of Medicine Symposium, September 11 2009

The first day of the symposium ended in the Anderson Stuart Common Room with a reading, by The Deans Players, of an edited version of  Samuel Pepys Plague Diary of 1665. The script was devised by Professor Yvonne Cossart and performed by:

Dr Lise Mellor - Narrator

Professor Martin Tattersall - Samuel Pepys

Professor Steve Leeder - a Royal Herald

Professor Michael Fields - Head of the College of Physicians

To view the performance, click on this link Pepys Plague Diary 1665