Professor F. R. Magarey becomes the eleventh Dean of the Faculty in 1960

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Professor F. R. Magarey became Dean of the Faculty in 1960. He took up the Chair of Pathology in 1952 and re-established a relationship with the Pathology Department of Prince Alfred Hospital, enabling the medical staff to perform autopsies there. Pathological specimens were then able to be more readily procured for the Pathology Museum and medical students were provided with increased opportunities to learn around the autopsy table, a teaching style in which Magarey shone. It is said that he was an excellent lecturer who taught his students the importance of Pathology as a foundation for medical practice in general. It was to this end that he removed many of the more spectacular exhibits from the Museum to be replaced by specimens representing more common conditions of disease. He also created comprehensive catalogues for students to use, which provided a short clinical history with a description of the microscopic and macroscopic pathology of each specimen. Magarey held the position of Dean of the Faculty from 1960 to 1965, and it was through his work during this administration that the formal relationship between the University's Department of Pathology and Prince Alfred Hospital was renewed in 1977.