Sydney Hospital becomes a teaching hospital of the Faculty in 1909

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Sydney Hospital is the oldest hospital in Australia, originating as an infirmary located in The Rocks after the landing of the First Fleet in 1788, and operating from its Macquarie Street site since 1811. It was here that Australia's first medical student was apprenticed to William Redfern in the first half of the 19th century.[1] Whilst the Sydney Hospital Act of 1881 stated a desire to become a clinical school, the Faculty's inaugural relationship with Royal Prince Alfred Hospital meant that there was no immediate need for another clinical school associated with the Faculty.

By 1905, student numbers in the Faculty had increased to the point where Royal Prince Alfred Hospital no longer had the capacity to supply clinical experience to all of the medical students. The University opened negotiations with Sydney Hospital in 1907 with a view to establishing a second clinical school. Two years later Sydney Hospital became the second general teaching hospital associated with the Faculty.[1]