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James Fraser

Senior Curator, Nicholson Collection
BA (Hons) PhD Syd.
James Fraser

James (Jamie) Fraser is Senior Curator at the Nicholson Collection. Jamie entered the museum world as an artefact-registrar at the National Museum of Afghanistan in Kabul (2013–14). After completing his PhD in Middle Eastern archaeology in early 2015, he became project curator for the Ancient Levant at the British Museum. He joined the Nicholson Museum as a senior curator in 2017, and is currently developing new research and exhibitions using the Nicholson Collection for the Chau Chak Wing Museum.

Jamie has worked on archaeological projects in Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Kashmir, Greece, Cambodia, Australia and the Solomon Islands. He currently directs the Khirbet Ghozlan Excavation Project in north Jordan, investigating the production of olive oil around 2000 BC.

  • Middle Eastern archaeology
  • Digital modelling in museums
  • Megalithic monuments in the Levant
  • Phoenicians in the Mediterranean
  • Thermoluminescence and ceramic analysis
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  • Fraser, J.A. (2016). “Intrepid Traveller: Professor E. H. Palmer”, Timeless Travels, Autumn 2016: 30-35.
  • Australian Academy of the Humanities Travelling Fellowship (2018)
  • The G Ernest Wright Award (American Schools of Oriental Research) for Best Archaeological Publication, awarded to Dolmens in the Levant (2018)
  • Wainwright Fund, Oxford University (2016)
  • The Curtiss T. & Mary G. Brennan Foundation (2016)
  • The British Museum Research Support Scheme (2015)
  • Endeavour Research Fellowship, Australian Government (2009)
  • Near Eastern Archaeology Foundation, University of Sydney (2008, 2009)
  • Carlyle Greenwell Fieldwork Grant, University of Sydney (2008)
  • Australian Postgraduate Award, Australian Government (2005–08)
  • Continuing Undergraduate Awards (2002–03)
  • Foundation Scholar, St Paul's College, University of Sydney (2001–03)
  • Dean's List of Academic Excellence, University of Sydney (2001)
  • Selected research grants