A student holds a fragment of roman roof tile in a hands on session

Education and training

Discover a vast world through our remarkable collections
We provide a range of unique experiences through education programs for early learners, primary and secondary school students, and groups including out-of-school care, community groups and seniors clubs.
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Photo: Brett Boardman 

New programs in a new museum 

The new building comes with state-of-the-art teaching facilities to help students of all ages engage with the collection, through object handling sessions, group discussion and self-reflection.

The Chau Chak Wing Museum is home to more than 445,000 objects and its collections span from the dawn of time and into our future. From a meteorite more than 4,500 million years old, to contemporary art projects commissioned by the museum.

We offer a chance to explore Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island cultures from deep time through to today. We are home to archaeological artefacts from Egypt, Greece, Rome, the ancient Mediterranean and Middle Eastern World, art from China, and natural history specimens from Australia, Asia, the Americas, Europe and Africa. Instruments that recorded scientific achievements, photographs that captured the birth of modern Australia, art from around the globe reflecting the range of human experience, and the natural world which we live with on this planet.

Our ethos

Our programs aim to make exploring the museum fun and educational for visitors of all ages and experiences. We use visual teaching strategies and unique object-based learning techniques to bring the collections to life. All our activities are participatory, enabling a memorable and enjoyable exploration of the museum's collections.

Our team of educational officers are drawn from a wide variety of research backgrounds and are eager to share their knowledge; they are trained to facilitate discussion and encourage your students' journey into history, art, science and culture. 

Let your students explore the world with our specialist education team.

University of Sydney teaching and learning

Our Academic Engagement Program allows University of Sydney staff and students access to the collections for learning, teaching and research. To discuss how the collections could be integrated into your unit, please contact Academic Engagement Curators Eve Guerry and Jane Thogersen: museum.obl@sydney.edu.au.

Education for all ages

Featured image (top of the page): Object-based learning school workshop; a student holds a fragment of Roman rooftile.