09 December 2021

Casting light in Pacific Views

The latest exhibition in the Chau Chak Wing Museum’s dedicated historic photography gallery.
08 November 2021

Seeing in Colour

A recent scientific instrument acquisition reveals how tests for colour blindness were developed in the late 19th century.

06 October 2021

Museum as classroom

The chance to handle museum objects is bringing study to life for students from across the disciplines, with object-based learning preparing for a second semester.

06 October 2021

Four new species of perchlets identified

Chau Chak Wing Museum curator Dr Anthony Gill was the leader of a collaborative team of researchers recently highlighted by the CSIRO’s annual report about the 150 new species named in the past year.

09 September 2021

Artist interview: Sarah Goffman

Curator Katrina Liberiou chats with Sarah on her new exhibition in the Penelope Gallery, an installation of museum replicas handcrafted from waste materials.
12 August 2021

Material matters: science in the museum

The Chau Chak Wing Museum is taking advantage of a revolution in scientific technology through a formal collaboration with Sydney Analytical, one of the University of Sydney’s Core Research Facilities.
12 August 2021

Specimens in the Macleay Collections revealed to be among the first ever collected for science

A recent paper published by biologists Dr Harry Parnaby and Dr Anthony Gill announces the location of type specimens of 12 mammal species and subspecies within the University of Sydney’s natural history collections.
05 August 2021

Light my fire: torches ablaze since antiquity

Curator Candace Richards reveals the origins of the torch relay tradition and explores the role of flaming torches throughout the ancient Hellenic world.
06 July 2021

Women painting women: Chau Chak Wing Museum paintings selected for Archie 100

To mark a centenary since the Archibald Prize began at the Art Gallery of NSW, the Archie 100 exhibition features artworks from throughout the prize’s history, including two portraits from the University Art Collection.
05 July 2021

Shaping Ambassadors

Including cultural materials from 25 different Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander language groups, curator Matt Poll explains how the Ambassadors exhibition represents a new way of working with First Nations collections.