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Curator giving a floor talk

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Free exhibition floor talks
Our curators share detailed insights into their exhibitions, highlighting the stories behind significant collection items.

Curator’s talk, Photography and the Performative

Art gallery with grey walls, concrete floor, framed photographs hung on the walls

Exhibition view, Photography and the Performative Chau Chak Wing Museum, 2023.  

Saturday 3 June, 2–3pm

Photography and the Performative examines recent ideas and theories that frame performance as a phenomenon that is everywhere. Performative actions may include the manifestation of ideas, whether literal, oral, spoken, or written. Such forms can be visual, architectural, spatial, gestural and gendered. This exhibition looks at how these different modes may be ‘recorded’ via the medium of photography.

About the speaker

Katrina Liberiou is Assistant Curator of the University Art Collection, Chau Chak Wing Museum where she works across programming, acquisitions, research and exhibitions. Her research interests include international and Australian contemporary art, with a particular interest in photography and performance.