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Yolŋu people performing a funeral ceremony

Sharing Buŋgul: Gupapuyŋu clan ceremony and the 'Djalkiri' exhibition

Thursday 29 July, 12.30pm
A special film screening in association with the exhibition, 'Gululu dhuwala djalkiri: welcome to the Yolŋu foundations'.

Yolŋu art manifests and enlivens Rom (Law), the philosophical and spiritual foundations of the clans of eastern Arnhem Land. It embodies waŋarr (ancestral beings) and traces djalkiri, their imprints as they move across the landscape. When Yolŋu create artworks, when they sing manikay (ancestral songs) and perform buŋgul (ceremonies), they celebrate and share this legacy.  

This film showcases Gupapuyŋu clan buŋgul in association with the exhibition, Gululu dhuwala Djalkiri: welcome to the Yolŋu foundations and features Wurrpaṉ, emu and Ŋerrk, sulphur-crested white cockatoo dances. The film was developed in response to covid-conditions that prevented Yolŋu travelling to Sydney during the life of the exhibition.

The screening will include an interview with Gupapuyŋu clan elder and artist, Joe Dhamanydji.

Watch the talk and ceremony

Featured image (top of page): Yolŋu performing Gupapuyŋu buŋgul during bäpurru (funeral ceremony) at Ḏiltjiŋur, Milingimbi, 2021.