Mel Ward collection

Charles Melbourne Ward (1903-1966), actor, naturalist and marine collector, was the son of theatrical manager, Hugh Ward. In 1919 he left school to go on the stage. As a child he had a fascination with crabs, and he abandoned the stage for marine zoology. He collected in Australia and the Pacific and around America. He published in scientific journals. Possessing independent means, he studied and collected around the world, publishing his work in popular literature and in scientific journals. In 1943 he opened his Gallery of Natural History and Native Art in the Blue Mountains, in the grounds of the Hydro Majestic Hotel.

c.1930s-1960, 60 boxes of lantern slides donated by the Australian Museum. Subjects include ethnography, illustrations from books about medievalism, humours of history, ancient history, Japan and Korea, Zoology, Australian landscapes; also index cards to his crustacean research with photographs attached.


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