heritage 遗产之旅

Explore Australia's oldest university campus with our Gargoyles and Grotesques heritage tour.


The University of Sydney’s centerpiece is the stunning sandstone Neo-Gothic Quadrangle building, designed by the famous Colonial Architect, Edmund Blacket.

悉尼大学的核心是由著名的殖民建筑师埃德蒙·布莱克特 (Edmund Blacket) 设计的令人惊叹的新哥特式砂岩四方庭院 (Quadrangle)。

In this one-hour tour, our guide will take you on a journey through the history of the University with the development of the Quadrangle and its surrounding buildings.

在这一个小时的参观中,我们的导游会带您了解悉尼大学的历史,还有四方庭院 (Quadrangle)及其周围建筑的发展过程。

Wonder at the features that make our campus unique, including the kangaroo gargoyle, the Great Hall, MacLaurin Hall and Sydney University Museums, and hear stories of the University's role in the development of education in this country.


Bookings 预约

Group tours take about one hour to complete. Tours can be booked for Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays and graduation days), minimum numbers apply. Bookings are essential, and are best made at least one week in advance.


Costs 费用

Per person 个人

$15.00 (incl. GST 含税)

Senior citizen 


$8.50   (incl. GST 含税)

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