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19 July 2024

ABC TOP 5 media residencies for 2024 announced

Dr Laura Case, an Indigenous musicologist at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, and Dr Laura Driessen, a radio astronomer in the Faculty of Science, have each won a two-week media residency with the ABC.
15 July 2024

How Aboriginal musicians enhanced and maintained community in 20th century Australia

New research by Dr Laura Case, Lecturer in Musicology at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, shows how Indigenous violin playing throughout 20th century Australia saw Aboriginal people adapting the European violin to fit within ongoing cultural practices.
15 July 2024

The value of cultural exchange between Australia and Vietnam

The longstanding collaboration between Vietnam and Australia is enabling opportunities in arts, music, and understanding cultural identities.
15 July 2024

New partnership explores the links between jazz and Vietnamese music

The Sydney Conservatorium of Music and the Vietnam National Academy of Music signed a Memorandum of Understanding at the launch of the Sydney Vietnam Institute in June, marking a significant milestone in the long-running collaborative partnership.
12 July 2024

Identity and resilience: Aboriginal performers have been celebrating NAIDOC since 1959

Dr Laura Case, Lecturer in Musicology and Dr Amanda Harris, ARC Future Fellow from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music revisit the history of the thriving Indigenous music scene during NAIDOC week.
11 July 2024

Celebrating Enduring Culture and Talent: The Con's NAIDOC Concert

The sold-out NAIDOC concert at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music highlighted First Nations talent through diverse performances and celebrated the multifaceted nature of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture.
12 June 2024

Early entry scheme to study music eases HSC stress for students

Students Charlotte Bertwistle and Bailey Schultz share their experiences with the Creative Arts Special Admissions Scheme (CASAS), and how having a secured spot at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music made Year 12 life easier.
07 June 2024

How the Blade Runner soundtrack uses electronic music to explore humanity

Dr Alison Cole, a leading expert on film scores and lecturer in Composition at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, analyses Vangelis' innovative use of electronic music to capture emotion and translate the complexities of the human condition, 30 years on from the release of the 1982 Blade Runner soundtrack.
06 June 2024

Sydney Con composer Paul Mac creates a magical musical ride on Sydney trains

In an Australian first, composer-producer Paul Mac is paying tribute to Sydney's suburban railway system in a project that sees two Sydney train routes turned into a mobile electronic music and light experience: Tekno Train.
03 June 2024

New Disney documentary, The Beach Boys, tells the band's story - but not the whole story

Dr Jadey O'Regan, lecturer in Contemporary Music at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, closely examines the new Disney documentary, The Beach Boys, and finds it moving but ultimately lacking in its coverage of the more complex and difficult parts of the band's journey.