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Opening up opportunities
Through the generosity of our donors and benefactors, Sydney Conservatorium of Music annually awards up to $2 million in both merit and equity scholarships.

Whether you are a domestic or international applicant, we will automatically consider you for a merit scholarship. These are assessed on audition and/or portfolio results and academic achievement.

We also offer substantial grants for supplementary study overseas, student-touring opportunities, and postgraduate research support. Certain eligibility criteria may apply to these grants, and they are typically awarded following an application process. These grants are usually only available to students in second year or higher.

Equity scholarships are for domestic and international students who can demonstrate academic merit and financial disadvantage. Candidates need to provide either a Centrelink income statement or other certified documentation demonstrating disadvantage. Applications for Equity Scholarship rounds usually open at the beginning of each semester.

Merit scholarships are awarded by the Conservatorium to students based on their performance and/or academic results (including auditions).

Sydney Conservatorium of Music scholarships may not be deferred and must be taken up in the semester of offer.

Information about Conservatorium Merit and Equity Scholarships:

If you want to be considered for other scholarships offered by the University of Sydney, you will need to apply for them individually.. The University of Sydney offers over 800 different scholarship schemes. These schemes range from offering a single student a scholarship for one year only, to the University of Sydney Access Scholarship, which has hundreds of recipients receiving the scholarship for the length of their degree.

Find out more about the range of scholarship schemes offered by the University of Sydney.

This exciting program supports international travel for our students as a means of developing artistic skills, cultural competence, depth of musical expertise, communication skills, creativity, and an ability to make use of new musical experiences that will enhance students’ current Conservatorium studies.

In 2015 the Conservatorium offered the first in an enhanced performance development opportunity to a string quartet of exceptional potential through the Westheimer String Quartet Fellowship Program. The purpose of this program is to enhance opportunities for the technical and artistic development of a string quartet for one year in the area of chamber music studies.

  • The inaugural Westheimer Fellowship was awarded to the Hillel String Quartet in 2015.
  • In 2016, the Fellowship was awarded to the Geist String Quartet.
  • In 2017, the Fellowship was awarded to the Pietra Quartet.
  • In 2019, the Fellowship was awarded to the Hong, Chen, Nicols and Oshiro Quartet.