Drum set

Gain knowledge in drum set technique, stylistic diversity and rhythmic fluency
Develop a broad range of skills that will allow you to navigate and participate in a constantly changing and evolving music scene at the highest performance level.

Our specialisation offers individual lessons as well as participation in drum set ensemble and chamber group. You can study improvisation, recording techniques and a variety of jazz skills. You’ll also undertake core studies such as analysis, history, culture, pedagogy and music education.

This course offers:

  • high-level instrumental instruction, problem-solving skills, creative co-ordination processes and theoretical grounding
  • a pathway to becoming a highly skilled, broadminded, individual artist on the drum set
  • opportunities to participate in international and local drum set workshops
  • opportunities to collaborate with musicians in other performance streams.
  • Dr Simon Barker, Senior Lecturer in Jazz (Drums), Drum Set
  • performing drummer across a vast range of musical styles
  • session musician
  • drum set researcher
  • festival or venue manager
  • music journalist
  • music producer
  • music teacher

What are my study options with drum set?