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Improvised music

Develop practical and fundamental techniques of improvisation
Learn to improvise in a range of musical environments with our skilled practitioners. We’ll spark your imagination as we investigate all kinds of styles and trends and support you to develop your own unique musical language.

What is improvised music?

Improvisation is at the heart of most musical cultures. It is the activity of making new music – the articulation of prepared and unprepared musical statements and responses in real time.

Our improvised music program develops students to be virtuoso improvisers and collaborators through a rigorous program of foundational and creative learning. You will get the opportunity to direct high-level technical and musical frameworks and contribute to collaborative music-making.

Applicants to this program will have a high level of musical performance experience and come from diverse backgrounds and musical traditions. You will learn to work on and perform new music together.

Why study improvised music with us?

Sydney Conservatorium of Music opens up a world of opportunity:

  • Learn from some of the best improvisers in Australia.
  • Establish creative links with other musicians at the Conservatorium and beyond.
  • Learn through practical experience in a multitude of performance opportunities.
  • Combine musical and non-musical disciplines – choose from a wide range of music electives or other units of study such as art, history or design from another faculty.

Who can I study improvised music with?

  • Dr Kevin Hunt, Program Leader, Bachelor of Music (Jazz Performance) and Bachelor of Music (Improvised Music))
  • Dr Simon Barker, Senior Lecturer in Jazz and Rhythm Awareness
  • Mr Phillip Slater, Lecturer in Trumpet, Director SCM Art Ensemble
  • Mr Carl Dewhurst, Casual Lecturer in Improvised Music
  • Dr Judy Bailey, Casual Lecturer in Composition Through Improvisation

What are my study options with improvised music?

At the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, you can pursue improvised music within the following courses:

Where improvised music can take you

Specialise in improvised music and you could become a:

  • performer
  • composer
  • ensemble player
  • festival or venue manager
  • session musician
  • improvised music teacher