Funding and scholarship opportunities

Scholarships and funding available through Sydney Nano

Sydney Nano and the University of Sydney offer ways to support your research through scholarships and other funding opportunities.

Sydney Nano offers internal scholarships and funding opportunities to University of Sydney students and postdoctoral fellows who are working with Sydney Nano Members:

Taste of Research Award

The University of Sydney Nano Taste of Research Award

Eligibility  Open date  Close date
  • High-achiever
  • University of Sydney Undergraduate undertaking research with leading
    academic relating to nanoscience (from any discipline)
  • The academic must be a Member of Sydney Nano

September 18 2023



October 17 2023


Sydney Nano's Taste of Research Award (AU$2,500) calls on high calibre undergraduate coursework students undertaking research with leading academics relating to the field of nanoscience and nanotechnology who are Members of Sydney Nano. 

Why apply?

Successful candidates will develop research skills, gain experience, and contribute to finding real-world solutions through a six-week period of research on a full-time basis. Dates can be arranged with academic host, based on their availability.

This round will close at 11:59pm October 17, 2023.

How to apply?

Student Ambassador Secondary Scholarship

The University of Sydney Nano Student Ambassador Secondary Scholarship

Eligibility  Open date   Close date
$5,000 p.a (for 2 years)
  • PhD student studying nanoscale science and technology (from any discipline)
  • Holder of a primary stipend scholarship
  • Participant of Sydney Nano
  • Valid working with children check

27 March 2023



08 May 2023


Why apply?

Sydney Nano's Student Ambassador Secondary Scholarship (AU$5,000 p.a for two years) supports research students in developing an in-depth understanding of the interdisciplinary nature of nanoscience and aims to increase the visibility of the study in innovative and creative ways.


This round closed at 11:59pm May 8, 2023.

How to apply?

“The Taste of Research Award allowed me to engage in an enjoyable research experience that I believe will instil skills essential for my academic development and later career.”
Annmaree Kenny, student and past recipient