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2020 news


27 April 2020

Ultra-precision nano-sensor could detect iron disorders

The University of Sydney's Tissue Engineering and Biomaterials Research Unit and the Australian Research Centre for Innovative BioEngineeing have developed a hypersensitive nano-sensor to detect harmful "free" iron disorders.
03 April 2020

Quantum computing at the nanoscale

The challenges are so enormous there are quantum computing sceptics who doubt the technology is even possible. That only makes the advances happening at the Sydney Nanoscience Hub even more remarkable.
01 April 2020

Foundational step towards a quantum internet

A team of quantum engineers has shown that atoms held in optical cavities - tiny boxes to hold light - could be foundational to the creation of a quantum internet. Their work is published this week in Nature.
18 March 2020

Two chemistry researchers win Westpac Research Fellowships

Associate Professor Alice Motion and Dr Yu Heng Lau, both from the School of Chemistry in the Faculty of Science, have won Westpac Research Fellowships.
03 March 2020

Three Australian Academy of Science award winners

The outstanding contributions to science of three of our researchers have been recognised by the Australian Academy of Science.
17 February 2020

Scientists unlock low-cost material to shape light for industry

Crystal materials used in solar cells have been discovered to be cheaper alternatives to manipulate laser light with potential application in telecommunications, medical diagnostics and consumer electronics.
14 February 2020

Grants awarded to power green schemes

The University of Sydney has been announced as a joint recipient of almost $10 million in Cooperative Research Centre Projects grants for projects that aim to power the green economy.
10 February 2020

New material created to clean up fossil fuel industry

Researchers at the University of Sydney have created a new material that has the potential to reduce CO2 emissions released during the refinement process of crude oil by up to 28 percent.
23 January 2020

Fulbright Scholarship success

This year, the University of Sydney has its largest contingent of Fulbright Scholars since 1972, with eight members of the University community receiving the prestigious scholarship to undertake further study and research in the United States.
15 January 2020

Scientist recognised for breakthrough development of specialty optical fibres

Associate Professor Sergio Leon-Saval has won the Australian Optical Society John Love Award for his collaborative work with Nokia Bell Labs to propose and develop a new type of specialty optical fibre device called mode-selective photonic lanterns.