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About us

Developing and integrating cultural competence

Our innovative learning, teaching, research and engagement programs place the University of Sydney at the forefront of addressing cultural competence at a whole-of-university level.

The centre's mission is to be a major contributor – through collaboration and partnerships with diverse individuals, communities and organisations – at the interface between cultural competence and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

To achieve that mission we are guided by a human rights and social justice framework, chiefly from an Indigenous position that will be extended to encompass all people. Our work will deliver transformational education and justice change.

To support cultural competence education, the centre is enriching and reinvigorating the teaching and learning experience at the University of Sydney and beyond. Our work will support the objectives of Wingara Mura – Bunga Barrabugu, the University-wide strategy for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education, research, participation and engagement.

We develop knowledge and build capacity in cultural competence across a range of social domains. The NCCC has initially prioritised the growth of student, staff and community cultural competence. Our broader perspective is forming national and international partnerships, initiating dialogues and implementing initiatives to improve educational, economic, cultural and social outcomes throughout society. 

The NCCC is a joint venture between the Australian Government and the University of Sydney.

Partners and colleagues

The centre builds knowledge and capacity in cultural competence through engagement and partnerships with universities, communities, industry groups and government across Australia.

The NCCC frequently collaborates with AIATSIS to deliver workshops for a range of government agencies.

The Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land Council is a prominent Aboriginal organisation in the Sydney region, we work closely with the council across a number of subject areas.

We have partnered with the first national cultural competence center to emerge in the world – the American NCCC based at Georgetown University in Washington DC. This partnership opens the door to the Georgetown Center’s two decades of knowledge, experience and capacity in the area of cultural competence. 

Through the sharing of resources, ideas and personnel, both institutions stand to enjoy enhanced quality of education, research and cultural competence. 

NCCC Georgetown also has a web feature dedicated to cultural competence in curricula and training activities. While there is a disability focus, the matrix they have developed can be universally applicable.

Waminda is a culturally safe and holistic service, providing women and their Aboriginal families with the opportunity to belong and receive quality health and wellbeing support. The NCCC collaborates on a number of projects with the service.