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About us

Developing and integrating cultural competence

Our innovative teaching, research and engagement programs place the University of Sydney at the forefront of addressing cultural competence in Australia.

The National Centre for Cultural Competence (NCCC) was established in 2014 as a joint venture between the Australian Government and the University of Sydney.

Since then, the NCCC has grown to be a centre of significance for cultural competence research and education in Australia, gaining a national and international reputation for driving positive social change.

Our vision

At the heart of the Centre's vision is a commitment to celebrate the richness of cultural diversity and the depth it brings to our campuses and workplaces.

Through collaboration and partnerships with diverse individuals, communities and organisations, we aim to be a major contributor at the interface between cultural competence research and transformational education.

To achieve our vision, we are guided by human rights and social justice frameworks, that encompass all people and sociocultural settings.

Our strategy

Our work supports the objectives of the Sydney in 2032 strategy as well as  One Sydney, Many People Strategy 2021-24, which aimsto drive a whole-of-University approach to a stronger, more inclusive and culturally embodied University of Sydney.

In the community, the Centre develops knowledge and builds capacity in cultural competence across a range of social domains. We work with other universities, government departments, NGOs and NFPs, businesses, and community organisations to design culturally appropriate cultural competence research and education resources. Our broader perspective is forming national and international partnerships, initiating dialogues, and implementing initiatives to improve educational, economic, cultural and social outcomes throughout society.

Our impact

Our commitment to developing and embedding cultural competence within the University community and broader society has led us to:

  • provide cultural competence education programs to over 20,000 higher education staff
  • educate over 600 University of Sydney leaders through the Cultural Competence Leadership Program
  • create five cultural competence online learning modules for the University community and external communities and organisations
  • deliver a free online Massive Online Open Course (MOOC), Cultural Competence: Aboriginal Sydney
  • translate our research across the fields of education, health and medicine, law, social justice, the arts and culture sectors

Academic Director

Associate Professor Gabrielle Russell
Associate Professor Gabrielle Russell
Associate Professor Gabrielle Russell leads the Centre’s work in progressing a deeper understanding of the theory and practice of cultural competence.
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