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Our research

Research underpins our teaching and practice
Our research takes us across the country and cover many different sectors, demonstrating the benefits of putting cultural competence into practice.

Snapshot of our research

Office for Learning and Teaching (OLT) grant 

Collaboration between two Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations, the Murdi Paaki Regional Assembly, the Gundjeihmi Aboriginal Corporation and the University of Sydney will develop service learning opportunities that provide intercultural and interdisciplinary placements for students. 

In taking such a collaborative approach, we are confirming the essential requirement for teaching and learning frameworks to include Indigenous knowledges. The programs will be transformative learning experiences for students and will contribute to the delivery of solutions to real-world problems within Aboriginal contexts. 

Project leads: Dr Gabrielle Russell-Mundine, Professor Juanita Sherwood, Dr Arlene Harvey, Julie Maakrun (University of Notre Dame Australia)

Transforming the relationship between Aboriginal peoples and the NSW Government

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