Articles published in 2023

08 September 2023

What do neurons, fireflies and dancing the Nutbush have in common?

Synchronicity is all around us, but it is poorly understood. Computer scientists have now developed new tools to understand how human and natural networks fall in and out of sync.
08 September 2023

How Australia can achieve net zero

The University's Net Zero Initiative has released a portfolio of "ready-to-go" solutions and technology to address key issues in the transformation towards net zero.
08 September 2023

How can after school care be more than a babysitting service?

There are nearly 5,000 outside school hours services in Australia, but about 14 percent of services fall short of the national quality standards. Designing activities with children and their communities can help improve this, writes Dr Alyssa Milton from the Brain and Mind Centre and co-authors.
07 September 2023

Celebrating 50 years of research and education ties with Vietnam

Coinciding with the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Australia and Vietnam, the Australia Vietnam Innovation Symposium brought together experts from government, industry and academia to address shared challenges.
07 September 2023

The eight essential leadership capabilities for the 21st century

Dr Ruby Campbell, scientist turned leadership coach, offers transformative advice to empower professionals in today's evolving world.
06 September 2023

A message from the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education)

Today our Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education) wrote to students about an incident on campus and support available to anyone who may need it.
06 September 2023

Research to provide universal museum access for the blind

Museum objects are safeguarded behind barriers making them inaccessible to blind and low vision children and adults. Research led by the Sydney School of Architecture, Design and Planning is proposing the design and evaluation of 'touch models' that result in museum experiences that engage everyone.
06 September 2023

Islamic assets weather financial storms

Islamic assets perform better than conventional assets in volatile markets and can aid sustainable development, according to new research from the University of Sydney Business School.
05 September 2023

International Centre of Crop and Digital Agriculture opened at Narrabri

With support from the NSW Government, Australian Grain Technologies, Grains Research and Development Corporation and the NSW Wheat Research Foundation, the University is well set to tackle the challenges of 21st century agriculture.
04 September 2023

Health evidence against gas and oil is piling up, environment experts report

Scientists and medical experts have launched a report that demonstrates the many risks of oil and gas development for human health and wellbeing in Australia.
04 September 2023

5 minutes with Vpply CEO Tom Lipczynski

Tom Lipczynski (B Sc '04) is the founder and CEO of the globally recognised video interview platform, Vpply. Here he shares some advice on how jobseekers can stand out from the crowd by using innovation and leveraging technology.
04 September 2023

How debate can improve urbanism and design

From debates about housing density to protests over environmental heritage or the impacts of platforms and digital automation, the 10th Festival of Urbanism will engage in the complex challenges facing urban life.
04 September 2023

Parents worst affected by COVID-19 lockdown

A University of Sydney study of the second longest lockdown worldwide found that mothers, in particular, were the loneliest demographic and suffered the largest physical and mental health declines as a result. The research was published in Nature Human Behaviour.
01 September 2023

What will putting the interests of Qantas ahead of Qatar Airways cost? $1 billion per year and a new wave of protectionism of legacy carriers

The government's decision to deny Qatar Airways the right to fly an extra 21 flights per week into Australia's three biggest cities might just be returning Australia to the old days where we protected Australia's national carrier at the expense of Australians, writes Professor Rico Merkert.
31 August 2023

Half of Australian businesses plan to invest in digital payments

Nearly half of Australian businesses plan to invest in digital payments over the next 12 months, according to new research from the University of Sydney Business School and Stripe.
31 August 2023

Mapping Australia's hidden lithium reserves

New research has pinpointed the concentration and distribution of lithium across Australian soil, providing crucial insights for identifying potential reserves in the country.
31 August 2023

Google adds health tips to extreme heat advisories based on latest research

Important health and safety tips are being made available to millions around the world, thanks to a new Google search feature developed in collaboration with the Global Heat Health Information Network and informed by University of Sydney research.
31 August 2023

New amphitheatre for student performances in Royal Botanic Garden

Music students will be invited to perform in a new amphitheatre in the Royal Botanic Garden as part of a generous gift from a donor who wants to share his combined love of music and tranquil gardens with the general public.
30 August 2023

What you need to know about the 14 October Voice referendum

Amid the political debate, the logistics of the referendum has received less attention. Constitutional law expert Professor Emerita Anne Twomey breaks down what to expect on the day and afterwards.
30 August 2023

Indigenous Strategy and Services portfolio supports the Voice

Today the leadership of the University of Sydney's Indigenous Strategy and Services portfolio released a statement endorsing the Uluru Statement from the Heart and supporting a Voice to Parliament.