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Prehistoric Swiss Army knife indicates early humans communicated

Archaeologists have found that a tool, dubbed the "stone Swiss Army knife" of prehistory, was made to look the same in enormous numbers across great distances and multiple biomes in southern Africa. This indicates early humans were sharing information and communicating with one another.

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07 June 2022

Sydney's Three Cities - a flawed vision?

Research by the University of Sydney's School of Architecture, Design and Planning into Sydney's metropolitan strategic plan, A Metropolis of Three Cities, finds that although a step in the right direction, flaws exist in several policies.
09 June 2022

Honorary Fellowship awarded to University sportsman

Rodney Tubbs, an alumnus of the University, has received an Honorary Fellowship for his ongoing dedication to the University of Sydney's sport and fitness community.
07 June 2022

1,037 Australians share priority policy issues for mental health

University of Sydney researchers surveyed Australians on their mental health experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic, providing insights into what needs to change for an effective mental health system.