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Worlds next door: looking for habitable planets around Alpha Centauri

In collaboration with the Breakthrough Initiative, Saber Astronautics and NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Professor Peter Tuthill is leading TOLIMAN, a project to discover if the nearest stars have planets that could support life.

Why happiness is becoming more expensive and out of reach

New research has found that the income level required to be happy in Australia has been increasing and moving out of reach of most Australians.

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25 November 2021

Does menstruation affect university students' education?

A review covering over 20 years of global research on the menstrual experiences of university students highlights a need for greater understanding of how menstruation impacts education in high-income countries.
24 November 2021

University to co-lead Connectivity Innovation Network

The NSW Government has announced that the University of Sydney and University of Technology Sydney will lead the establishment of the state's Connectivity Innovation Network.
22 November 2021

Joint sustainability lab launched with Zhejiang University

The University of Sydney and Zhejiang University have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to establish a joint lab on sustainable environment.