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During general anaesthesia, 1 in 10 people may be 'conscious' following intubation

An international study has found around 1 in 10 participants under planned general anaesthesia were able to respond to commands. Importantly, no subjects remembered the commands after surgery. Researchers say the study sheds light on a medical phenomenon known as connected consciousness.

How plate tectonics has maintained Earth's 'Goldilocks' climate

Not hothouse, nor icehouse: when tectonic plates move at a moderate speed - not too fast or slow - Earth remains habitable, new University of Sydney research finds.

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24 May 2022

David Harold Tribe Sculpture Award

The David Harold Tribe Sculpture Award been granted to artist Sasha Grbich for her work Bat Alphabet 40 (2022) by Sydney College of the Arts.
24 May 2022

Sydney researchers secure over 12 million clinical trial funding

Six University of Sydney researchers have been awarded $12.36 million in funding for new health and medical research projects through the NHMRC Clinical Trials and Cohorts Scheme.
17 May 2022

Major parties need to work harder to support women and families: Scorecard

The election promises of both major parties fall short of giving families the support they need to balance the demands of work and care, according to a new scorecard developed by 31 academics at 18 Australian universities.