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02 October 2015

University of Sydney becomes a top pick for regional students

A group of 50 promising Year 11 students from disadvantaged communities across NSW, including 20 students from Dubbo Senior College, embarked on a school holiday journey to the University of Sydney this week.

02 October 2015

Five tips on surviving surf rips

Dr Jak McCarroll from the School of Geosciences offers five pointers for swimmers this summer.

02 October 2015

Sabotage: How the attack on renewables undermines government

In the latest Australian Book Review, Professor David Schlosberg explains how the Abbott government's attack on renewables undermined its very work.

02 October 2015

Celebrating Mahatma Gandhi's birthday

More than 250 prominent Australian and Indian leaders from the business, government and education sectors gathered at the Art Gallery of NSW on Wednesday night to celebrate Mahatma Gandhi's birthday.

02 October 2015

Exercise in a bottle could become a reality

Research finds around 1000 molecular reactions to exercise, opening the door for drug treatments to mirror the health benefits of exercise.

02 October 2015

‘Whitesplaining’: what it is and how it works

Matt Damon and Kyle Sandilands have both recently been accused of 'whitesplaining', but what does that mean? Associate Professor Catriona Elder explains.