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17 December 2015

Seven experts share their top tips for summer

Summer is on the horizon and with it comes concern about sun exposure, heat related-illness and the increased risk of bushfires. Our experts provide recommendations for a healthy and safe summer. 

17 December 2015

From Santa to Star Wars: what the experts have to say

Santa, Star Wars and sustainable fashion: experts from across the University of Sydney lend their research expertise to Christmas-themed topics

17 December 2015

Remembering the evacuation of Gallipoli

Almost 100 years ago in the early hours of 20 December 1915, the final ANZAC troops were evacuated from the Gallipoli peninsula. At the end of the campaign, 388 University men had served in the battle, with 27 losing their lives. 

17 December 2015

A taste of student life at Info Day 2016

The University of Sydney will open its doors to more than 9,000 prospective students and their parents for one of its biggest annual events, Info Day on Tuesday 5 January 2016.

17 December 2015

Your post-HSC decisions aren't set in stone

Don't pin all your hopes on a single number, urges the University of Sydney's head of undergraduate recruitment, Kaveh Ghezel.