09 November 2016

Statement on Manning Bar event

The United States Studies Centre event was held at Manning Bar from 11am. 

08 November 2016

ANZUS will evolve under new POTUS

What will a Trump presidency mean for the Australian-US alliance? Professor James Curran charts the recent history of ANZUS relations and looks ahead to a new dynamic under a new American President. 

08 November 2016

Humanities mindset at heart of Silicon Valley disruption

Leaders from the Business Council of Australia, Intel, and the CSIRO share insights into the humanities' competitive edge. 

08 November 2016

Forum engages research partners to underscore commitment to social good

The National Congress of Australia's First Peoples, Sydney Theatre Company and Barnardos Australia were among the contributors to a forward-looking forum on research collaboration. 

08 November 2016

How to make Sydney trains run on time

The NSW Transport Minister wants to do away with timetables and trial on-demand public transport, but there's another solution, writes Associate Professor Pablo Guillen Alvarez.

08 November 2016

6 types of ugly American, and Donald Trump is all of them

Is Trump an "ugly American" or just someone who exemplifies the world around us? Associate Professor Brendon O'Connor, an expert in American politics, writes. 

08 November 2016

Natural disasters affect some of the most disadvantaged

Australian-first research has identified a disaster hotspot where many disadvantaged communities are located, indicating socio-economic status can determine whether hazards become disasters - but urban areas are not immune.

07 November 2016

5 experts reveal their top tips for summer

Summer is on the horizon and with it comes concern about sun exposure, heat related-illness and the increased risk of bushfires. Our experts provide recommendations for a healthy and safe summer. 

07 November 2016

Early planned birth linked to risk of poor child development

Children born following planned births before 39 weeks have a heightened risk of poor child development at school age, University of Sydney research shows.

07 November 2016

Trauma mortality declines in regional and remote NSW

Hospital inpatient deaths caused by major trauma have fallen in regional NSW following changes to the state trauma management system, new research shows.