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28 April 2016

Like father, like son – pioneering ambitions to help Pakistan’s renal patients

Pakistan’s spiraling death rate due to chronic kidney disease could be dramatically reduced by a pioneering hemodialysis mixing and delivery process, a University of Sydney masters researcher alleged at the IET Present Around the World Competition  held on Friday in Perth.

 Taha Shakoh represented NSW showcasing his improvement on a simple mixing and central delivery system currently used in kidney dialysis.

28 April 2016

Australia's gun numbers climb

For the first time since the Port Arthur massacre, Australia’s national arsenal of private guns is larger than before the subsequent introduction of strict gun control laws, writes Associate Professor Philip Alpers. 

28 April 2016

Will Habitat III defend the human right to the city?

Luar Batang, one of Jakarta’s oldest waterfront squatter areas, is being flattened. Residents and their homes will be removed to free up flood-prone land and access to the city for tourists. Thousands of people will be evicted, disrupting if not destroying livelihoods, jobs, homes and long-established social networks.