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03 May 2016

PolicyCheck: Negative gearing reform

Despite being widely described as a “tax rort for rich investors”, negative gearing is not a tax concession, as Dr Danika Wright explains. However, it does encourage over-investment and over-leveraging in Australia’s housing market.

03 May 2016

Shot or poisoned? Does the choice of Trump or Cruz really matter?

A survey of 1200 voters provides insight into which candidate is closest to the median American voter on the issues, writes Professor Pippa Norris.

03 May 2016

Australia’s prohibition of e-cigarettes is out of step with the evidence

A new report by the Royal College of Physicians in the United Kingdom says electronic cigarettes are much safer than smoking and encourages their widespread use by smokers.

03 May 2016

US Government investment in quantum

An international consortium comprising European groups and Associate Professor Michael Biercuk's Quantum Control Laboratory at the University of Sydney has been awarded a multimillion-dollar grant from the United States Office of the Director of National Intelligence for research in quantum technology.