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01 June 2016

No Vax, No Visit?

When a mother is vaccinated during pregnancy, the protective antibodies travel across the placenta to the baby, writes Professor Peter McIntyre.

01 June 2016

Sydney experts address climate change in China

University of Sydney academics were among a group of Australian sustainability experts who recently met in Guangzhou, China, to discuss how cities can harness the power of energy, water and infrastructure for significant climate action.

01 June 2016

The six best Scorsese scenes

Dr Bruce Isaacs from the Film Studies program on the best scenes from Oscar-winning director Martin Scorsese.

01 June 2016

Neuroplasticity the science behind rewiring the brain

An expert panel will explore the science behind neuroplasticity and dispel common myths at a public forum at the University of Sydney on Wednesday 1 June.

01 June 2016

The chewing gum test that could prevent blindness and save lives

Researchers from the University of Sydney’s Save Sight Institute have reported a simple ‘chewing gum’ test that could be the key to identifying and treating Giant Cell Arteritis (GCA), a disease that causes blindness, strokes and death.