26 July 2016

Which is Australia's most successful Olympic town?

Perth, Western Australia, has come out on top in a study into Australia's most successful towns for producing Olympic athletes, according to new University of Sydney research. 

26 July 2016

Imaging technology partnership a major advance for biomedical research

The University of Sydney is preparing to acquire advanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) technology that will be of major benefit to preclinical and translational medicine research capabilities.

25 July 2016

How can intelligent planning and technology ease Sydney’s growing pains?

With the Sydney population projected to grow to 5.89 million people by 2031, the city’s transport, public services and green spaces will be under a great deal of pressure. The University of Sydney’s third Festival of Urbanism will investigate what can be done to help ease the pressure on the global city.

25 July 2016

Stem cells healing broken hearts

Stem cell therapies will soon become a viable way to repair damaged hearts. 

25 July 2016

University-wide commitment to cultural competence embraced

The University of Sydney demonstrated a campus-wide commitment to diversity at its Cultural Competence at Sydney launch last week.

25 July 2016

NAIDOC Person of the Year leads education forum seeking change

Following his powerful speech at the 2016 NAIDOC Awards, Professor Chris Sarra will facilitate a day of workshops for teachers and other staff working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students on Tuesday 26 July.

21 July 2016

What our students did between semesters

Each July our students disperse across Australia and the globe, taking advantage of University-provided opportunities or their own intiative to make the most of their winter break. We asked some of our students what they got up to between semesters.

21 July 2016

National prize for academic's support for future teachers

Dr Jen Scott Curwood’s leadership has been recognised by Teachers Mutual Bank and the Australian Teacher Education Association.

21 July 2016

Scientists study how the brain understands a moving environment

Researchers at the University of Sydney’s School of Psychology are collaborating with scientists at Utrecht University in the Netherlands to work on intriguing areas of motion perception research.

20 July 2016

It's just a joke: the subtle effects of offensive language

Clinical psychologist Dr Christopher Hunt draws on his research into sexism, as well as referring to research about homophobia and discrimination generally, to provide insights into the significant impacts of our words.