20 July 2016

Why augmented reality in public spaces is a game changer

An urban mobile gaming researcher explains what Pokémon Go and Ingress can tell us about augmented reality experiences. 

20 July 2016

New app gets active minds moving

Pokémon Go might be getting young people off the couch, but an award-winning new app will give them the chance to connect and make new friends while exercising when it is piloted for the first time at the University of Sydney this July.

19 July 2016

University a partner in vision for Western Sydney

Westmead will become Western Sydney’s economic powerhouse with a cluster of up to 50,000 knowledge jobs by 2036, according to a report commissioned by the University of Sydney and its partners in the Westmead Alliance.

19 July 2016

Cancer Moonshot: new deals to accelerate detection and treatment of cancer

Two deals signed by US Vice President Joe Biden and NSW Premier Mike Baird will advance the ‘Cancer Moonshot’ initiative to accelerate proteogenomics research and its translation to better cancer care. 

19 July 2016

Game-changer for astronomical instrumentation

A team of Sydney astronomers who developed pioneering ‘hexabundle’ technology has won the inaugural Peter McGregor prize for their instrumentation that illuminates whole galaxies rather than just showing pieces of the universal puzzle.

19 July 2016

Three ways to reform research that won't break the budget

Australia needs a new, long-term strategy for research, writes Professor Duncan Ivison, Deputy VIce Chancellor (Research).

19 July 2016

The strains of a continental breakup

Scientists spanning Australia and Germany have revealed the underlying mechanics enabling supercontinents to separate as part of a five-year Australian Research Council and industry-funded project.

18 July 2016

Pokémon Go puts pressure on when technology meets the law

Media law expert from Sydney Law School, Michael Douglas, explains why Pokémon Go and New South Wales courtrooms do not mix. 

18 July 2016

Quantum computing closer with chemistry breakthrough

Quantum computing is a leap closer to reality with a chemistry breakthrough demonstrating it is possible for nanomaterials to operate at room temperature rather than at abolute zero experienced in deep space (-273C).

15 July 2016

Nine reasons to look forward to Semester 2

It’s not long before the winter holidays come to a close, but there’s plenty of reasons to look forward to coming back to campus for Semester 2 on 25 July.