15 July 2016

Mental health: Turnbull can lead change, like Howard and Gillard

All major parties in this year’s election campaign emphasised suicide prevention, youth mental health and improving services in rural and regional areas. As distinct from many other aspects of the health and hospitals debate, the Prime Minister has the chance to make an immediate impact.

15 July 2016

Awake to possibilities

A population that sleeps well is healthier, more productive and less accident prone. The Sleep and Circadian Research Group has an ingeniously designed facility for studying sleep and helping those with sleep disorders.

15 July 2016

An open kitchen

Rabbi Slavin created Our Big Kitchen with his wife, Laya to feed cancer patients in their community. It has now become a lightning rod of community action bringing together the disadvantaged and the powerful.

15 July 2016

Classics never date

Some companies look for job candidates with degrees in ancient languages because of their problem-solving skills. But many people seek out the Department of Classics and Ancient History simply because the classics are fascinating.

15 July 2016

Design of the times

The Enabled by Design-athon brought people with disabilities together with students from the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning to co-design more effective ideas for easier campus access.

15 July 2016

Grounds for change

The Nanoscience Hub and the Abercrombie Building are part of a comprehensive building plan that will give the University all it needs to embrace the future while preserving the heritage buildings that make it unique.

15 July 2016

Making a dog's life longer

Lymphoma is a common cancer in dogs with different breeds having different rates of the disease, which suggests a genetic component. The Mac and Jetty Lymphoma Research Project is unravelling the genetics to find answers.

15 July 2016

The money or the box

Neuroeconomics is a discipline that combines neuroscience, economics and psychology. Dr Agnieszka Tymula is an expert in the field as she studies how our decisions are influenced by a range of factors including age.

15 July 2016

A new future for health education

The Wakil gift is the largest ever given to the University. It will be used to help create a unique health precinct which will bring the various health disciplines together into a multidisciplinary teaching and research hub.

14 July 2016

Coffee with our new postgraduate Fellow of Senate

We sat down for coffee with Josh to find out what he drinks (a mocha) and what we can expect from his time on the Senate.