14 July 2016

Our fab five

Their research projects - ranging from a mid-air refuelling system, a ‘greener’ approach to food packaging, an injectable biomaterial for tissue regeneration,  an agricultural robotic device that can weed,  and a hardhat that measures health -  secured the quintet a position in Engineers Australia’s inaugural top 50 innovators list which recognises  outstanding engineers for their contributions to the community, the industry, and the profession.

13 July 2016

Cross-eyed tiger undergoes CAT scan

Indira the cross-eyed tiger visited the University Veterinary Teaching Hospital for diagnostic imaging ahead of surgery to save its eyesight. The famous tiger – which has appeared in a number of television shows and films – is being cared for in retirement by Zambi Wildlife Retreat. 

13 July 2016

South China Sea ruling: our experts explain its significance

According to our experts, this week's landmark South China Sea ruling could have a significant and lasting impact on international relations.  

13 July 2016

The Big Sleep - what it is and how to get more

As a society we are obsessed with sleep. Are we getting enough? What’s the next big breakthrough to help us get more? Our sleep medicine expert, Dr Ron Grunstein, explains in the first episode of the University's 'Open for Discussion' podcast. 

13 July 2016

Why artificial sweeteners can increase appetite

Studies in both animals and humans have suggested that consuming artificial sweeteners can make you feel hungry and actually eat more. A comprehensive new study co-led by the University of Sydney has revealed for the first time why this response occurs.  

12 July 2016

Long distance links inspire innovation

Working with Professor Yasuyuki Todo (Waseda University) and Dr Hiroyasu Inoue (Hyogo University), Dr Petr Matous from the University of Sydney’s Faculty of Engineering and IT found that supply chains can work as important channels for the flow of information, innovation, and productivity between individual firms.

12 July 2016

Why the dogs turned men into monsters

Greyhound racing has long been a sport justified by gambling, writes Dr Steve Georgakis. 

12 July 2016

Help at hand for people watching their weight

Researchers from the University of Sydney have developed a portable and easy-to-use method to help people estimate portion size using only their hands. 

11 July 2016

Prescription drugs and crime raise questions for the law

While intoxication is colloquially labelled a defence, it’s not an excuse for crime, explains Arlie Loughnan. 

09 July 2016

Young researcher creates new roadmap for computer hard drives

Responding to consumer demand for increased computer hard drive memory, the research also has the potential to reduce the environmental footprint of the more than 2.5 billion hard drives currently estimated to be in use worldwide.