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10 August 2016

Smart cities: does this mean more transport disruptions?

A plethora of new and personalised ways of getting around cities are emerging - electric bikes, motorised scooters, electric vehicles, car sharing and re-interpretations of the taxi by Uber, writes Professor Robyn Dowling.

10 August 2016

Medicines to treat side effects of other medicines? Sometimes less is more.

Older people may be taking medicines that are not working or no longer needed

10 August 2016

Helping swimmers get off to a flying start

As the world's best swimmers hit the pool in Rio, new University of Sydney research is showing how athletes can make a bigger splash with their dive.

10 August 2016

Australia launching into space again

Ahead of its launch from the International Space Station, the University of Sydney and collaborators celebrate the shipment of the INSPIRE-2 cube-sized satellite overseas.

10 August 2016

Draft plan to bring SCA onto main campus

The University has released a draft change proposal that aims to fulfill a vision to bring SCA into the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) to Camperdown/Darlington campus.