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White marquees at the University of Sydney's Open Day, where visitors are walking around the Main Quadrangle.

Launch your career by coming to Open Day

26 August 2016

Open Day – this Saturday 27 August – is the best opportunity to come to campus and explore the many possibilities on offer at the University of Sydney. 

You can meet our current students and staff, check out our Clubs and Societies, talk to academic staff and go on a tour of our stunning grounds and architecture, where old meets new.

Open Day allows helps you to see how Sydney enables you to explore not just your main passion, but all your other interests as well – all in one great university experience. With countless courses and more than 200 clubs and societies covering every interest you can think of, the University of Sydney is ranked no. 1 in Australia for student experience.

An aerial shot of red and white marquees at the University of Sydney's Open Day.

Open Day is a great way to get amongst it. You’ll be amazed by the things you’ll learn here.

Current students Jordan Jolly (engineering and arts) and Kevin Gatdula (commerce and science) discovered this for themselves when they attended Open Day in 2009 and 2012, respectively. We caught up with them recently to get their take on how Open Day helped them connect the dots and unite their studies with their passions.

With both now approaching the end of their degrees, they reflect on Open Day as the launch pad for their life at uni – and beyond.

Both students have taken up exchanges overseas: Jordan at Peking University in China and Kevin at UCLA in the United States. Both are Student Ambassadors for the University, and both have started up new clubs and societies on campus. Kevin has been interning since March this year at L.E.K. Consulting – a global firm, while Jordan is heading back to China to complete his degree next year. With a major in Space Engineering, he looks forward to a career developing the space industry in Australia up on his return home. The possibilities are endless.

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