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29 August 2016

Landmark report on delayed reporting of child sex abuse prosecutions

Research funded by the Royal Commission is the first in Australia and one of few internationally to examine the impact of delayed reporting on complaints. 

29 August 2016

Is Australia denying Timor its birthright?

This week's conciliation talks in The Hague give Australia a new chance to do the right thing by East Timor to help it secure its future, writes Professor Ben Saul.

29 August 2016

Avoiding and evading: talking multinational tax

In this episode, Dr Shumi Akhtar, a senior lecturer and researcher at the University of Sydney Business School, joins our host Dr Chris Neff to share new perspectives on how we can think about and judge multinational tax avoidance. 

29 August 2016

Innovation boosts wheat production in India

Sydney, India, Pakistan and the UK collaborate on international innovative hybrid wheat strain to feed large populations.

29 August 2016

From the islands to the big city - Sydney student discovers his passion for occupational therapy

Nathaniel's occupational therapist at Queensland's Mackay Base Hospital was by his side every day for six weeks, helping him to achieve a speedy recovery.