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03 September 2016

The truth about cats, dogs (and horses!)

Initially set up in the United Kingdom by University of Sydney Professor Paul McGreevy, VetCompass has now launched in Australia - in a collaboration between all veterinary schools - to bring the benefits of big data and epidemiology expertise to pets, with potential impacts on human health and the environment. 

03 September 2016

Why Sydney's housing policies are failing

Urban planners at the University of Sydney and the University of Hong Kong have set up a collaborative relationship to research residential development in both cities.

03 September 2016

University of Hong Kong partnership benefits asthma patients

Professors from Sydney and Hong Kong have built an enviable international collaborative research program leading to improved treatment for asthma patients around the world.

03 September 2016

Meet our researchers: Professor Duanfang Lu

Meet Duanfang Lu, a Professor of Architecture and Urbanism who has been researching the design of new villages in China.

03 September 2016

Designing smart electrical grids for sustainability

Researchers from Sydney and Hong Kong are partners in an international project that aims to design the next generation of smart, sustainable electrical grids.