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20 September 2016

New business survey finds the key to international success

A reputation for dependability, reliability and honesty and a willingness to network hold the key to international business success, according to participants in a nationwide survey of Australian firms conducted by the University of Sydney Business School.

20 September 2016

Sydney scientists create a buzz about beekeeping across Southeast Asia

A project to encourage the spread of beekeeping in Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos is helping local communities to expand their farming industries and protecting vital bee populations from extinction.

20 September 2016

Sydney shines in Rio as Paralympics come to a close

As the XVth Summer Paralympics in Rio come to a close after 11 days of inspirational sporting competition, we offer congratulations to all the athletes who took part.

20 September 2016

Can an app help us find mindfulness?

With the release of the latest Apple Watch this month came a new Breathe app which promises to "help you better manage everyday stress". Giving mindful breathing a place beside the alarm clock and weather app seems to prove mindfulness has truly gone mainstream.